Alien Egg

Prophecy; Metamorphosis - August 7-9, 2009

Earth as we knew it, is no more.

They came without warning on August 7th 2008. Their enormous ships appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the night sky, landing in the desert of New Mexico. Those inside them did not respond to our attempts at communications. A massive dome over 50 miles across soon appeared on the landscape, constructed by unknown means, and impregnable from the outside. Then there was silence -- deafening silence. The aliens seemed to take no further action, and humanity waited and watched with baited breath. Theories abounded: the aliens might be friendly visitors, they were lethal, it was all a hoax, humanity was facing its final day. Reports of human abductions and strange declines in wildlife mounted over the following months. All attempts by world powers to contact and even to force conflict were met with silence. Humanity's frustration with world leaders over this unnerving stalemate finally boiled over: violence, suicides, doomsday cults escalated across the globe. Chatter over the airwaves grew -- frantic talk of "taking action ourselves" and "choosing sides". In November, world powers finally took decisive action: a nuclear strike against the dome. But the world's hopes were dashed - the strike had failed to even damage the dome. Horrifically, it did finally provoke a response: with startling speed, the aliens laid waste to the world's population, industry, and military centers within hours. Billions died in the attack. Cities laid in ruin. Vast landscapes were scorched beyond recognition. Soot and dust filled the skies. Global communications fell silent.

People are scattered -- few and far between. The remains of humanity survive as best they can, gathering together day by day, and forming small subsistence communities. There is violence, there is cooperation. You take it one day at a time, but you survive. Over the last few months it seems life might return on a simpler scale. You don't hear much outside your community, and most of what you hear is by word of mouth. A bit of hope: strange rumors about the destruction of the alien dome in Nevada over the winter begin to circulate. By May, radio communications start to return: a few ham radio broadcasts are reporting from across the region. Your optimism is tempered with fear: they report that human abductions have increased. Alien encampments are being set up across the globe, as if from nowhere, and they are rounding up humans for some ... terrible purpose. But all in all you've been're still alive and ... free.

Until Friday, August 7th 2009. Early in the morning, you hear a strange sound, and the world goes black....

What happened? Where are you? What you do know is this: when they came to your planet, they made a mistake, and you’re going to make sure they never forget it!

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