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Prophecy Apocalypse games are designed to get you right into the action and hopefully keep you on your toes throughout the event. For Metamorphosis, we've taken what we feel are the best elements of the alien invasion genre and blended them with a simplified Prophecy rules system to help our players glean a frightening and fulfilling LARP experience. The action will be quick and deadly.

In this game, a character's death is permanent. If your character dies, you are welcome to come cast for us.

Download the Prophecy Metamorphosis Rules

Registration: Pre-registration is required and easy. Sign up now!

Check-In: Once you have unloaded your car and parked it in the lot, you can check in. Please bring your weapons to Check-In for safety inspection. It is not required that you wear your costume.

Opening Meeting: There will be an opening, out-of-game meeting prior to the start of the event. Game will begin directly or soon after the opening meeting, so you should come prepared and in costume.

Hours of Play: Prophecy Metamorphosis hours of play are approximately 10PM Friday to 2AM Saturday, and 10AM Saturday to end of game, sometime on Sunday morning. We'll break for some rest and have brunch around 10AM or so, followed by the closing meeting and cleanup.

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