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What Should I Bring

When you arrive at the Camp, you will receive information on where to park, what cabins are available for Players to stay in, and where to unload your stuff. Please try to unpack your car and return it to the parking area as quickly as possible. No cars will be allowed in the game area during the event. If you arrive late, please check in at Operations.

Because Prophecy Metamorphosis is a game set in the modern world, choose props that you think your character would have that will enhance your roleplaying. Keep in mind that due to events in the months leading up to the start of the game, technology is very limited.

Since we will be playing in August, please choose your costume carefully, you can bring rain gear if you think it is something your character would have.

If you are participating in the meal plan provided by Ye Olde Commons, you will not need to bring food. Please visit the Ye Olde Commons website for more information about food and drink (it is delicious!).

Here are some items you probably will want to bring with you:

- sleeping bag or bed roll, bug spray, sunscreen, toiletries

- costume, boffer weapons, props

Cleanup: There will be a sign-up sheet for Cleanup at Check-Out, if you wish to help out you will receive our undying love and gratitude. Please, we beg you, try to help us a bit with this. We'll be at least as tired as you are.

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What Should I Bring
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